We’re working hard to embrace new technology in the newsroom, whether that’s ways to report stories, new ways to present our work to the public or ways to keep reporters in touch with editors.

And one tool we use for all of the above is twitter. (Post updated 2/2/2009 We now have more than 50 newsroom employees using twitter.)

(As a commenter noted, on 2/24, we lost 13 people from the newsroom, many of them twitter users. I’ve taken their names off the list now, something that makes me sad to have to do)

OK, so what is Twitter? The founders call it a micro-blogging platform. Basically, you answer the question: “What are you doing right now?” in 140 characters or less. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a venue for navel-gazing, because sometimes it is.

It’s also a venue for comedy, news, drama and any number of other things.

A lot of reporters and editors have started using Twitter to both tell people what they’re up to and to seek feedback. And that starts at the top, with our editor, Steve Buttry.

Here’s a list of some of the newsroom who use Twitter:

Mike Hlas (sports columnist) – @hlas

Dale Jones (night sports editor) – @dalejones

Diana Pesek (production coordinator/trainer)  – @dpesek

Rae Riebe (features/community editor) – @raeriebe

Jonathan Woods (photographer) – @jonwoods

Jeff Raasch (Cedar Rapids mobile journalist) – @gazettemojo

Marc Morehouse (sports reporter) – @marcmorehouse

Richard Pratt (online editor) – @richpr

Zack Kucharski (information center manager) – @zack52240

Adam Belz (Linn County reporter) – @adambelz

Cathy Luders (obituaries editor) – @Cathy0413

Mary Sharp (flood editor) – @marysharpiowa

David Lee (copy editor) – @dvdlee

Todd Dorman (columnist) – @tdorman

News feed – @gazetteonline

Molly Rossiter (faith and values reporter) – @mollyr

Steve Buttry (editor) – @stevebuttry

John McGlothlen (librarian) – @iowan

Jason Kristufek (online operations editor) – @jkristufek

Mike Condon (copy editor) – @mikecondon

Scott Dochterman (sports reporter) – @scottdochterman

Cecelia Hanley (food editor) – @youlookthesame

Liz Martin (photographer) – @lizmartin

Scott Wingert (copy editor) – @mr_wingert

Chuck Peters (president and CEO) – @cpetersia

Jennifer Hemmingsen (columnist) – @jhemmingsen

Lyle Muller (senior editor) – @lylemu

Paul Jensen (director of photography) – @paulje

Diana Nollen (arts and entertainment editor) – @diananollen

Trish Mehaffey (courts reporter) – @tmehaffey

KJ Pilcher (assistant sports editor) – @kjpilcher

Rick Smith (Cedar Rapids reporter) – @rickmsmith

Annette Busbee (special sections writer) – @ajbusbee

Diane Heldt (higher education reporter) – @dianeheldt

JR Ogden (sports editor) – @JROgden

Michelle Wiese (features designer) – @MichelleX01

Gazette Food (the food section) – @gazettefood

Carla Keppler (news intern) – @ckeppler

Phil Harvey (news intern) – @Phil_Harvey

Angie Holmes (swing editor and blogger) – @angieholmes (work/personal account) @frumpfighter (blog account)

Jeff Tecklenburg (opinion editor) – @Teckman

Adam Harris (copy editor) – @niceguyadam

Terry Coyle (deputy Iowa editor) – @terrycoyle

Jeff Johnson (sportswriter) – @jeje66

Jamie Kelly (social media guide) – @jamietie

That last one is me. Some of us use twitter for work only, while others use it for both work and personal things. You can take a look at what we do by clicking the links above. Maybe you’ll decide to follow one (or more) of us.