I got some good responses from the post a few days back about starting a blog roll. I’m still looking for more, though. If you have a blog and live in Eastern Iowa, or if you know of one we should be highlighting, drop me a line in the comments or shoot me an e-mail.
In the meantime, here are a couple of blogs that I’ll be adding to the blog roll:

The Canman Show: Chad, aka The Canman, writes about technology, video games and life in Eastern Iowa, with a lot of his focus on theater events in the corridor. (Full disclosure: I’m a regular guest on his weekly podcast.)

ChrisHubbs.com: Chris lives in Hiawatha and blogs about his life, his family and his friends.

I have more that I’ll add soon, but those are a few to tide you over. Let me know if you want to be added!

I’ve written a lot about what blogs we have and why we use them, and you can find the complete list here. We promote those blogs on GazetteOnline.com.

We’re always expanding that list, but I’d like to promote some blogs here, too.

Here’s what I’m looking for. I’d like to create a list of blogs written by Eastern Iowans. I already have some in my RSS reader, but I’m looking for more.

They need to be at least somewhat family-friendly (I’m looking for all-ages content here) and those are about the only requirements for now. Do you run a blog? Read one every day? You can leave a link in the comments, or shoot me an e-mail.

Last week, I posted a list of blogs we promote on the front page of GazetteOnline.

We have things on nearly every topic imaginable, and they break down into different categories. A number of our news reporters use their blogs as places to talk about things that might not make it into the paper. Last week, Adam Belz, blogged about Kathy Potts, a Republican County Supervisor candidate feeling snubbed by the McCain/Palin campaign and landlord Bob Miell’s new company. The nice thing about using a blog this way is that these might not be full-fledged stories, but they are interesting to people. And they could develop into stories, so getting the information out there is a good thing.

Others, like Cindy Hadish, write about something that has nothing to do with their beat, but that they’re passionate about. Cindy, who blogs about gardening, has recently written a post about when the first frost usually hits in Iowa.

Our goal while blogging isn’t to duplicate the stories we already put in print, but to give you more information about the stories they’re covering and other interesting things. Reporters will write background that might not make it into stories, or their write about interesting things that happened that they might not be ready to turn into a full story.

The idea is to keep our readers better informed by keeping them up to date with what’s happening.

What do you want to see us do with our blogs? Are their topics that you want to see us cover that we aren’t?

We’re promoting 35 blogs at last count, including this one. From time to time we’ll add a new one, as well, even if it’s only for a short time.

During the State Fair, for example, we put up posts from a Linn County person who talked about interesting things to do at the fair.

We have something for pretty much everyone, too.

Do you like Todd Dorman? Hate him? You don’t have to wait for his column to check out his latest musings.

The same goes for Dave Rasdal and Mike Hlas.

We have plenty of topical blogs too, from gardening to food to music to the Linn County board of Supervisors to crime. Starting next week, I’ll post some of the most interesting updates here and highlight new blogs, as well. For now, though, here are links to every blog we promote, broken down by topic.


Keeping up with the Jones

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Arrested Developments

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Eye on the Island

Looking in at Iowa


Keeping up with Sydney

Notes from the Newsroom


24-Hour Dorman

Ramblin’ with Rasdal

The Hlog


On Iowa

Doc’s Office

The ‘Clone Zone

Diamonds and Ice

Linder on Preps

The Riehl Deal

Crossface Chronicles

From the Corner Chair

The Outdoor Sportsman

Looking through the Mask

America’s on a Runner’s High


Table Talk

All the Songs We Never Heard Before

On the Street


That Dad

Stayin Alive


Supreme Design by Dianne Ross


C3: Complete Community Connections

Content Ninja’s Weblog

Jason Kristufek’s We Media Blog

Tom Altman’s Wedia Conversations