As I mentioned a couple of months ago, we’ve already had two tweet-ups in Cedar Rapids.

We’re having another one tonight at Brick’s in downtown Cedar Rapids. It’ll kick off around 7 p.m., and if you feel like stopping by, please do!

So the comments on the story we’ve put up are mad at the city for being the way it is, rather than Peter Greenberg for poking fun at us.

As is normal in situations like this, people blame the council. But I have a question: What is Cedar Rapids missing? What would you really like to see that we don’t have? What do we need to get rid of?

The way Peter Greenberg has described Cedar Rapids probably won’t make it onto local travel brochures.

Greenberg, who’s known as the Travel Detective, has written about Cedar Rapids, saying it’s one of the five stinkiest places in the world and a calling it a “Must-Miss.”

He cites the many processing plants and even the flood.

But what say you all? Does Cedar Rapids really smell that bad? Does it make the top five? Are there other places you’d recommend avoiding? You can leave your comments on GazetteOnline, here or e-mail me.