Well, the election’s over now. We had a whole lot of coverage before and during. You can see a lot of what we did on the front page of GazetteOnline. The question for readers is: What did you think? Were you happy with how we did things? What would you have liked to see us do differently?

You see our cover image above. What do you think of our headline? We went through a few drafts before settling on that one. Did it capture the moment?

Tell us how we did in the comments.

The only thing we’ll have on our front page tomorrow will be the election. We’ll have two stories about the presidential race and a roundup of other races.

If you want other news, you’ll have to turn to the cover of Iowa Today (but you do that anyway, right?). There we’re planning to have a story on the Jacovan Bush murder trial and a column from Jennifer Hemmingsen, among other things.

If you’re interested in the election (and you should be), you can keep up at GazetteOnline, GazetteToGo.com and through text alerts.

If you haven’t already, head here and let us know how your voting experience was today. We have dozens of reports from precincts all over Johnson and Linn counties.

The consensus seems to be that there’s strong turnout everywhere today, but things are moving pretty quickly. There might be lines, but very few people reported waiting for more than 10 minutes. If you haven’t voted already, you can head here to find out how long the lines were at your polling place through the day. If no one has made a report on your polling place, why don’t you go vote and then let us know?

Another Gazette — the one in Colorado Springs — is asking for reader ideas for headlines for their election story. We have plenty of ideas around here, but what would you put as a headline if McCain wins? How about if Obama wins? What if it’s too close to call?

Leave you suggestions in the comments or shoot me an e-mail.

We’ve got lots and lots of coverage for you today. First, you can find out how long the line is at your polling place by clicking here and picking it from a menu.

We’ll also have a live blog running throughout the day for you to talk about election issues.

And, of course, we’ll have results posted as soon as we have them on the front page of GazetteOnline.

If you won’t be around a computer this evening, you can sign up for text alerts, follow The Gazette’s twitter account for up-to-the-minute information or visit GazetteToGo on your mobile phone.

What else do you need to know? Let us know in the comments.

As I noted in an article posted Sunday, The Gazette’s endorsement process wrapped up Sunday with a vote of confidence in John McCain for president.

While that might be the most high-profile of the endorsements, I would argue it’s not the most important. If you’re interested in national politics, you already know what each candidate stands for and have an idea of which is most in line with your views.

Where the endorsements really help shed light on things is at the local level.

The Gazette took at look at many of the local races and the editorial board weighed in on them.

You can find the endorsements for Linn County Supervisor and Sheriff here, the Iowa state House here, State Senate here and here and our endorsements for U.S. Congress here.

In every election season, there’s a lot of talk about bias in the media. Republicans accuse newspapers of being too liberal, and Democrats accuse them of being too conservative. While it is true that The Gazette has never endorsed a Democrat for President, you would be hard-pressed to find a bias in the endorsements. Rather than look at party, the editorial board looked at qualifications and made a judgment call about who would do the best job. There is a mix throughout of both Democrats and Republicans.

A few questions: Do newspaper editorials matter to you? Do you even read them? Do political parties matter in local elections?

Tomorrow’s Gazette will contain our Voter’s Guide, which we put out every two years. It has information about candidates from around the Corridor. And we have a lot more information online, as I wrote about here.

If you haven’t been to GazetteOnline recently (maybe you use an RSS reader), you should visit this week. Now, in addition to all the stories we have, we’re also highlighting election information for you. You can take a look at what we’re planning for election coverage, find out how we make endorsements and find our where to vote in Johnson and Linn counties.

Don’t agree with our endorsements? Have an idea for something we should do for election coverage? Ready for it to be Nov. 5 (you aren’t alone) and want to vent? Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail.