People have started making plans for trips to Tampa to see the Hawkeyes play in this year’s Outback Bowl on Jan. 1.
And we have some pretty cool things planned, including blogs, photo galleries and videos of the action down there.
You can keep up with things here.
And, if you’re going, we’d love to hear from you. You can leave a comment here, call me at (319) 399-5956 or e-mail me.

I’m off today, so I won’t be updating the blog, nor talking about the front page lineup for Tuesday. But there are plenty of things to keep you busy this Monday morning.

For example, did you catch the interactive feature we did on the CRANDIC bridge that collapsed during the June floods?

How about Orlan Love and Jim Slosiarek’s work on the Cedar River?

And, of course, there’s always GazetteOnline for all the breaking news around the region.

As I’ve talked about since last Friday, The Gazette has been running a seven-part series on the Cedar River. Jim Slosiarek and Orlan Love. The stories, if you haven’t been following them, have been great, with strong images from Jim and Orlan’s trademark writing style.

But there’s more. On Tuesday, we had a live chat with Jim and we’re planning one for Thursday with Orlan.

And we have a complete multimedia journal of the trip posted here, including an interactive map, photos and video that give a more complete picture of their trip down the river.

We’re doing more and more with multimedia, but this is a great example of how we can take a really strong story and make it even stronger with the right elements.

What do you think of our efforts with this project? Anything that’s missing that you’d like to see?