This morning, after we found out gas was below $3 per gallon in the corridor, I asked the people who follow me on Twitter what they thought of the new low prices.

Here’s a sample of the responses I got:

sbergus: I’ll be filling up today, and because the price is so low, I’ll be pouring some on the ground for the homeys that can’t be here.

jowhaley: Who would have thought that we would think gas below $3 was a deal. Could this be the silver lining to the economy issues?

hidama: I say, fill up now! It’s still $3.20 back in MKE. I love driving here and seeing inexpensive gas. This summer our gas was over $4

terryvw: filled up both the vehicles at $3.15, thought it was too good to be true. Figures the price would keep falling.

So what say you all about gas? Are you filling up while it’s (relatively) cheap, or are you waiting to see if it falls even lower? You can reply to me on twitter, send me an e-mail or leave your comments here.