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The concrete pig at the corner Old Marion Rd. and 35th Street NE shows support for the Iowa Hawkeyes' 2002 trip to the Rose Bowl. The pig is no longer at that intersection; it's owner recently moved it to his home in Robins.


The pig is, indeed, gone, and as a commenter mentions below, it’s because the house was sold. The owners live in Robins and rented the house on 35th Street NE out. But when they sold it, they brought the pig to Robins with them. More details in tomorrow’s Gazette.

A reader wrote to us to ask whether we knew anything about the concrete pig that until recently lived at the corner of Oakland Road and 35th Street NE in Cedar Rapids.

Apparently the pig, which is something of a local landmark and was regularly re-decorated throughout the year, is gone.

Is it foul play? Just gone to be cleaned? I’m working on a story for tomorrow’s paper, but if anyone knows something about it or has a theory, leave a comment, or e-mail me at jamie.kelly@gazcomm.com