We have quite a storm brewing in Eastern Iowa. Lots of places are closing and some schools are dismissing early.

That means bad roads are likely. So I put out the question on Twitter and Facebook: Anyone have tips for driving in bad weather?

Here are some of the best:

  • If the roads are covered in ice when you are driving; when coming up to a stop sign or stop light, put your vehicle in Neutral and apply brakes; rather than just applying the brakes when the car in is Drive. This will able you to stop better and the transmission wont be trying to move your car forward.
  • slow and steady, break slowly and in bursts. steer into a skid/slide
  • Tips: Go slowly. Have everything adjusted (radio, heat) so u can pay max attent. 2 road.Fill wiper fluid. Give extra room bet cars
  • Tips: Allow extra time for everything (braking, turning, merging). If u start to slip, wait til you regain traction 2 touch pedals
  • I hear twittering road conditions while you drive makes you more aware of the driving conditions and a more alert driver

Seriously, though. Be careful out there. Pay attention to the roads and drive slowly. And, as someone on my Twitterstream said: noyzsource @jamietie Friends don’t let friends Twitter and drive!