So I likely won’t be updating the blog this morning.
If you’re in the neighborhood, you can find us at Amana Stone Hearth Bakery, 4522 220th Trail.
I’m going to try and upload video from the event, depending on if my phone will cooperate. You can find it here, probably sometime after 9 a.m.

Six months ago today, the Cedar River surged past anything we ever expected. For the past week, The Gazette has been writing and talking about the aftermath and what’s next for the city and the region.

Today, our photographers posted a video that includes more than 300 photos shot during the flood and clean up. You can see it here.

We also had five live chats this week to talk about the flood. You can see them here.

We’ve had a lot of flood-related stories in the past week, and more are coming, but these are two good places to start looking at what we’ve done. And if you crave more, you can look on the front page of GazetteOnline under the Flood Recovery heading.